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Have your dreams always been to become a real estate investor? Are you looking to purchase a distressed home, fix and flip for a profit? Don't want to do major repairs, just looking to purchase a home and keep it to build your real estate portfolio? If the answer is yes you are the perfect person to become an investor.

Fix and Flips: As your Realtor I can find you distressed homes that need to be repaired. By using my expertise I can find you the best deals by knowing the comps in the area and basic cost of what it takes to repair a home.

Buy and Holds: These are rental properties that may need minimal to no work to have multiple sources of income coming in. With my expertise I can negotiate the best deals.

Being an investor's agent requires more in depth and time consuming work than a typical real estate transaction. This takes special knowledge in knowing the real estate market and what the resell value of a home is after it has be rehabbed. If you are in need of funding I have various resources for these projects.

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