Credit Repair

Credit repair is when you take the legal steps to fix any inaccurate, unverifiable and out-dated accounts. By taking these steps we will have your credit scores improving and you will be on the road to getting approved to the many things you have dreamed of. We thank you for trusting Rags 2 Riches Consulting with all of your credit needs and will do everything in our power to have you in the 700/800 credit club.

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How To Get Started

  •  R2R is here to provide you with full service during your credit repair process. Each client's credit reports get thoroughly reviewed by a highly educated repair specialist.
  • We discuss your credit report with you in detail and the steps that will be taken to get the best possible credit scores. 
  • Unlike other companies we work on your account every 30 days minimum. R2R will write any correspondence on your behalf related to your credit repair process. We physically deliver your letters to the United States Postal Service ourselves to assure that your letters are delivered in a timely manner ( rather than sending you the letters and having you to mail them off, this delays the repair time).
  • You have access to your credit report 24/7 with monitoring service from all 3 credit bureaus, $25,000  identity theft protection, and up to date scores every 30 days.
  • We take all steps to assure that your information is protected and is not shared with any 3rd party vendors.

 Started Now

Credit Score Graph

Educating yourself on how your credit score is calculated is always good to know.

35% - Have you paid your bills on time? If not, how late were you and how often were you late?

30% - Know how much you owe to each account, and how much of your credit limit you have used.

15% - How long have you had each account

10% - How many credit requests have you made and how many reports have been pulled on you.

10% - What kind of debts do you have?

How To Get Approved

  • Financial literacy is a must in our everyday lives. By learning this 5 factor formula (above) you will have a better chance of keeping an "Excellent" credit score.
  • Pay all of your bills on time. If at any time you feel you will be late on a bill be sure to contact the company to advise them and see if they can work out a solution, so it will not effect your credit.
  • To achieve the highest score possible use 10% or less on your credit cards. Never use more than 30% or you will see a decrease in your score.
  • When applying for a loan be sure to go directly to a Credit Union or Bank where your credit will only be ran one time eliminating several hard inquiries.

What is a Credit Report ?

A credit report is details of transactions that an individual has undertaken since the age of 18. A credit report contains various types of information such as:

  • Personal Information- name, address, employers
  • Inquiries- number of times your credit has been pulled by a creditor 
  • Public Records- repossessions, civil judgement, tax liens, and bankruptcy
  • The number of positive or negative accounts
  • Payment history on accounts
  • Amount of credit extended

There is much more detailed information on a Credit Report. This just gives you a general ideal.

Credit Report

3 Main Credit Bureaus

These are the 3 main credit bureaus.




 Credit bureaus are not government agencies, they are actually private owned companies like any other business. Though the bureaus are private companies there are many rules and laws they must abide by.