Selling your home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. With such high stakes and so many important steps, it’s important to do it right. That’s where I come in. I am committed to guiding you each step of the home-selling process to ensure that you get every dollar’s worth for your valued property. My expertise, resources, and diligence help to ensure that the selling process is as seamless and profitable for you as possible.


I take a comprehensive approach to the sales process. Finding the right buyer often requires that proper staging, marketing, and timing all align. The real estate marketplace can be a competitive one. My goal is to make your home stand out.

To this end, I will be responsible for the marketing activities necessary to sell your house. This includes the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan designed to showcase your property to the right buyers.

Furthermore, many home sales occur as a result of internal networking between real estate professionals to pair buyers and sellers. I am deeply connected within the local real estate community, giving your property optimal exposure.

Open House Tips


Start with the outside of your home. Clean out weeds from your flower beds. Add mulch to flower beds and around trees. Power wash your home and fix any screens that may be broken or need repaired. Assure that the numbers on your house are all in place and freshen up with a little paint if needed. Fix all steps to decks that may be loose or broken. Paint the exterior of your home that my have a dull look or where paint may be chipping.


Declutter all rooms in the house. If you have oversized furniture be sure to store it away neatly in your garage or in a storage unit. Replace all broken blinds and make sure your curtains are clean, dust and dirt free. Wipe down walls from any dirt or hand prints if necessary. Freshening up the home with a neutral color paint is alway a good decision. Dust off all light fixtures, ceiling fans, and vents. Make sure all faucets and plumbings are working without drips or clogging. Wipe down all cabinets. Sometimes something as simple as cabinet hardware can make your home look updated and save you money. Make sure to cut on all lights and open all windows, blinds, curtains as this will allow maximum amount of light into the home. If using your garage as an additional storage space be sure that items are stored away neatly (appearance is the key factor).