Monthly Credit Restoration

General Credit Repair and Restoration Membership via telephone via (614) 664-6684

A thorough review of the credit profile on all open, closed and derogatory accounts. Personalized advice is given to improve and repair a client's credit profile. At this time, the dispute process will begin and all negative account will be addressed. Credit building and education included. 

Monthly Membership. 


Credit Building

Assist clients with increasing credit score through beneficial lines of credit, and basic credit education.


Budgeting Session

Budgeting sessions consist of learning how to manage your money, tracking your expenses, how to create a budget, how to save money, creating new financial habits and mindset and learning the 50/30/20 rule. This service comes with a follow up accountability session.



Provide you with a unique number for your business to start the building process.


Operating Agreement

An operating agreement list and outlines the business' financial and functional decisions including rules, regulations and provisions. The purpose of this document is to govern the internal operations of the business in a way that suits the specific needs of the business owners.