R2R Client Praise Report

This is a client who started with many of derogatoriness and inquiries on his credit report. His scores were in the 500's. We have successfully achieved getting this client into the 700's and he's already letting his credit work for him.

Listen to his "praise report"

Real Estate


When I was 25 I bought my 1st home and today we SOLD it! Bitter sweet but I'm happy! Safe to say real estate is not for me lol. Thanks to our realtor Ciera Jackson for getting us through the process successful 

Real Estate


Thanks to Ciera Jackson ; the God mother of my son, the mother of my God daughter and someone I consider my family. I can add to that list; #MYREALTOR. Knowing how OCD, particular, slightly bougie (bourgeois) and panicky I can be (😂) she was VERY patient every step of the way.

God said “Believe in me and I will fulfill your every desire.”

I can now say, I officially purchased my SECOND home!

Credit Restoration

I had a consultation last week about how I can improve my credit so I can purchase a home! I followed the directions and 5 days later I had something removed from my credit and my credit jumped up 70&74 points in that short amount of time🙌🏽 I most definitely recommend Rags 2 Riches Consulting! Thank u for helping me and leading me in the right direction!!

Credit Restoration & Building

Hey Ciera! Just wanted to express how grateful I am that your are in my life. You are such an inspiration and want you to know that you are a great educator, I wish there were more people like you. My personal credit is continually climbing to my goal numbers and my business credit is moving there faster than we discussed. My husband and I are in shock honestly. BUT all we did was listen and stuck to the plan that you gave us. EVERY penny that we spent on both consultations were well worth it. Was going to wait until our follow up calls but it was on me to let you know NOW. Ok I know this is a lengthy message but I just had to give you my praise report.


Credit Restoration

I  applied for a loan and found out my scores were in the low 500's. I tried working on my credit myself but didn't get the results I was looking for. After contacting to Ciera at Rags 2 Riches Consulting she began working on my credit. I received my scores 2 months later one was in the mid 700's and the other two score were 2 points shy of 700. I want to thank Rags 2 Riches Consulting for getting my score to where they needed to be to get approvals. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I considered myself to have all of my personal and business life in order (with high 600's for my credit score). After receiving my consultation with Rags 2 Riches, it opened my mind up to see I still had a ways to go before I could reach my full potential. We discussed goals and I loved how I was given more information than I expected.  Now less than a year later, I have access to capital and my business is up and running without financial worries. 

The love I have for this company I couldn't even begin to explain. Oh, yeah I had no clue about business credit :)


Coming straight from high school and opening up credit cards I had no clue on how they could destroy my life. I used them and paid them, but got lax after time. I didn't know that this would effect me in the long run. When I needed a car I was getting denied because of the derogatory marks on my credit reports. So I had to go to a buy here pay here to get my next vehicle with a 21% interest rate. Needless to say I was referred to Rags 2 Riches Consulting to get help. I was a little skeptical at first because I had never had this service before and with money tight I didn't want to take a chance at paying for something I had no clue about. A family member fronted me the money to get started. Less than 45 days later I started to see items getting removed from my report and my scores jumped over 80 points just for starters.


Business Credit

For anyone that may be in business or wanting to start a business this is the company to get you up and going or give you that boost that will have you on a totally different level. Within 60 days I seen a score that I had never even known of called Business Credit score. Ciera also helped me obtain capital to expand my business. Hands down this was an amazing experience.